What is a Parole Attorney?

Throughout a criminal trial, a criminal defense's attorney's main goal is to find the best possible outcome for their client. In some cases, prison time is inevitable, and, at that point, the criminal defense attorney will attempt to get the shortest sentence possible for their client. 

Often, the only realistic way to return home is by getting an approval from the Parole Board. Parole is not guaranteed, and can often frustrate those who try to understand why loved ones keep getting denied. Having a parole attorney can help ease some of those frustrations, as well as give insight into the process and what to expect.

Fisher Law is intimately familiar with Texas parole laws and all aspects of the parole review process. We support inmates and their families throughout Texas, as they strive toward winning parole release and the pursuit of a successful reintegration back into society. Each client is an important human being, and not one who ought to be defined by the title of the offense for which he or she is incarcerated.

How Fisher Law Can Help

We built our unique Texas law practice around providing services to prisoners and their families relating to several important aspects of the parole process:

​PAROLE REVIEW - Texas law establishes rules and guidelines as to when a prisoner is eligible for parole review and what criteria he or she must meet in order to be released. However, it is a discretionary decision, which is why every little detail can matter, and why the advocacy of an experienced and qualified parole attorney is so valuable.

WINNING PAROLE RELEASE - Receiving early release on parole is never a guarantee. Many inmates falsely believe that parole is within their easy reach. However, there are many scenarios where this just isn't true. Winning parole release often requires not only an effective presentation to the parole panel members, but also a detailed history of the person's life story, before and after the crime(s). Victim input can also play an enormous role.

​TEXAS PRISONS - Understanding the programs and opportunities for self-improvement available to inmates is a crucial first step to eventually being released on parole.

​REINTEGRATION STRATEGIES - ​Thorough and realistic reintegration strategies are not only of interest to the parole board, they are also necessary for inmates who hope to remain free once they receive parole. 

​INFORMATION FOR FAMILIES - Families play a key role in the parole process and provide much needed emotional and financial support for loved ones who have become involved in the Texas criminal justice system. We provide information for families to empower them to fill their support role more effectively, as well as to address their own issues that arise when a loved one is incarcerated.